It's been a wonderful year and you are our sweet little princess. You have grown and changed so much and the love we have just grows with you. You had to have your second operation now that you are stronger and even though it's scary we know you are in good hands. This is part 2 of your story baby girl.

Tues 03-27-07 We took you to Children's Hospital so Dr. Permut could see you. He said you looked great and would be ready for your operation on the 19th. Dr. Kim chose the date but Dr. Permut is your very gifted surgeon. He explained that they would use a valve made from cow to replace the one that is not working in your heart. This would fix the problem you have and the procedures for the future would be easy. All they would need to do is go in and clean your valve from time to time. He explained that the operation would take about 4-5 hours and they would use the by pass machine to stop your heart. They did this last time too. See they need your heart to be still so they can work without hurting you. There is minor risk and is scary however we know you will be ok. You are after all in God's hands.
Tues 04-17-07 We went to Children's Hospital to have your blood work and to check your sats and EKG as well as having an Echo. They use the ultra sound machine to look at your heart, by the time you read this you will know what that is. :) Everything went just fine and the nurses thought you were great.
Thurs 04-19-07 6am is when we arrived at the hospital. You will be having your operation at 9am but they want us there early so they can check you in and give you Anesthesia. We went back to a small room with you where we sat and played for a little while. The doctors came and took you back to prepare you and mommy and daddy went to sit with Gammy, Grumpa, and Grandma. The nurse called us to let us know what steps were being taken so we would know you were o.k. She called at 9am to let us know they were starting the operation and then to let us know when you went on and off the by pass machine. 5 hours later you were transferred to ICU and we were able to see you around 1pm. You looked so good even with all your tubes you were peaceful and resting. We were scared but you came back to us and that is what we prayed for. Now you will heal and later we will come back for check ups and cleaning of your new valve.
Fri 04-20-07 Today your chest tube was removed, that made you mad of course but you calmed down and are breathing very nice on your own. You have a little fever so they are running tests to make sure you're o.k. Everything is going just fine and the ICU nurses think you are just the cutest little thing. They have been looking at the pictures we brought of you and they also signed your book. We are so blessed to have the staff at Children's. They care very much about you.
Sat 04-21-07 They removed another line today and you are resting peaceful. We have been coming home at nights so that we can have the house ready for you. The ICU is too busy for us to rest and the staff promised to let us know if you needed us. You are happy and ready to be moved to the main floor now.
Sun 04-22-07 You are still in ICU just waiting for a room on the floor. We just love you so much and you are so strong. You are my hero little girl after everything you have been through you just get stronger and stronger. You ate some chicken for me too. :)
Mon 04-23-07 We finally moved to the main floor! This is pretty nice, we have our own room so it's almost like being home! You have some pain of course so you are taking medicine for that but you want to roll over and play so bad. You tried but decided it was a little too soon.
Tues 04-24-07 You are resting very well and you don't want to do much but of course you just had a major operation. You eat a little and you drink a little. You have been trying juice and whole milk. It's so wonderful that you are doing so much, even sitting in a highchair. :) The nurses love you so much. Gammy will stay the night with you tonight because mommy is not feeling well.
Wed 04-25-07 Gammy said you had a great night, you ate and drank and rocked with her. In fact they said you could come home. I called daddy right away and we went to pick you up! :) By the time we got over there you were ready to go. Gammy came home with us so she could help mommy since you will need to be picked up by your bottom for a while. It's called scooping, just like last time only you are bigger now. You have follow up appointments with Dr. Kim and Dr. Mouser.
Thurs 04-26-07 You are healing so very well and you seem so happy to be home. You impress me so much my angel, I just can not get over how well you are sitting and playing. You just want to go go, see we adults are not as strong.
Fri 04-27-07 Today you rolled onto your tummy and stayed there, it didn't seem to hurt you at all! WOW! You just get stronger with each day.

We love you so much little one and you never fail to amaze those you touch. There are so many people who think of you with prayers and warmth. You may never meet them face to face but know you are very loved angel. We thank everyone who helped you and we thank God for bringing you to us and for helping you through your operations. There is much to do in the future but you will come through and you will grow into a remarkable young lady.


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